Projects: Octagon Oasis

The reason for this properties one of a kind-ness is an existing cedar kit house in the shape of an Octagon.  The property in on a somewhat steep hill side, with a creek splitting it down the center.  The house sits 2/3rd up the hill to overlook the property and surrounding farm lands.

The home owner had a desire for a screened porch which allowed them to sit outside and still enjoy their property. The existing deck was under utilized, poorly planned, and in disrepair.

Alight Design was brought on to create the outdoor oasis to match the existing house and property.  Alight Design created a one of a kind screened porch that perfectly compliments the cedar house.  Along with the screened porch came a complete deck redesign, that flowed to a central hot tub, and down to the extensive landscaping.  Alight design collaborated with Sycamore Landscape to full integrate the site features into the deck – with a built in stone bench and “fire wall” highlighting the hot tub deck.  The deck allows movement from the screened porch to an outdoor kitchen, and from the front entry to the rear yard.