Projects: Mansion Personalized

This residence was purchased with the understanding that the façade would need serious remediation to remove mold and solve water and air penetration issues. With this understanding, the owner desired to personalize the house while solving the existing issues.

The front entry had no cover and as a result the entire stone covered façade in this section was rotten.  The owner desired to enlarge the door and create and entry porch which would impress potential visitors. Meanwhile the rear of the house contained a concrete patio that had been turned into a poorly enclosed room.  Through suggestion and alternate designs, we were able to create an amazing sun room at the level of the existing house floor, so the kitchen flowed to this space that had previously been “cave like.” Other details include: a combined single garage door in what was previously two bays, extended roof with brackets, detailed dormers, new architectural series windows that add value to the house, a panelized sun room with new entry door, an appropriately proportioned rear balcony with brackets and a beautiful new French door to the master bedroom. This homeowner also later completed Phase II – a complete interior re design and renovation to include a large walk in closet, secret home office, in law apartment, master down bedroom, generous mudroom, and worked with us on a complete kitchen renovation. This project was completed while employed with Ralph Fey Architects.