Projects: Identity Defined

Alight Design has been involved in many projects which began with the need to replace failing facade building materials.  Our area suffers from a huge problem of faulty or poorly installed stucco.

Remediation is a costly and aggravating undertaking.  When faced with the need to replace windows, doors, stucco, and wood paneling on their house, this client hired Alight Design to design the house they have always wanted.  The existing house looked like a cut and paste from the builders housing catalog. Alight Design investigated all the features of the house, traced their origins, and presented a report of its findings.  Along with this “style report,” Alight Design presented a “Style guide” to assist the client in identifying the cohesive (big picture) identity of all those features. Finally, after several meetings, Alight Design produced full photo realistic renderings of the proposed house from all sides.  Alight Design detailed all features and worked with the contractor to select materials, provide details, and make this project happen as seamlessly as possible.