Projects: Heart of the House

This house was a beautiful large residence with a small uninviting kitchen and disconnected breakfast room.  The owner decided to create a magnificent kitchen space that would really become the heart of the home.  

This house presented challenges.  The family room was a rear gable ended bump off the main house that would share a wall with the new kitchen extension.  This required the new dining area to be a turned gable off that living space.  This enabled the kitchen extension to occur in the space between the new dining area nd the existing house.  Due to the constraints presented, we were able to create two distinct rooms that also connected to the existing family room to create the one large family collection area – centered on the new kitchen.  

The dining portion of the addition is open to the sky through 6 custom detailed skylights and accesses the outside through an 18 foot operable sliding door.,  The kitchen is not to be outdone with a large skylight of its own above the generous island.  The owner selected all highly reflective sleek cabinetry to reflect the light provided by the oversized window opening.  All together the space feels incredibly large and welcoming, and really becomes the heart of the home.